Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The children serving for the army in sierra leon are faced with sever punishments every single day. If a child refuses to fight they could be threatened with death or dismemberment. If a child does not obey his own friends could be the ones that have to kill him. i know for a fact that i would never in a million years kill my friend. Some children who have tried to escape have been boiled alive and other soldiers are forced to eat the human flesh as part of their training. Girls are usually raped, enslaved and victimized by sexual violence on a daily basis. the adult soldiers give the kids drugs to make them fearless while using weapons and killing others. I feel so bad for these kids. its horrible to see a young child out in the battlefield at such a young age.

being kidnapped

It would be horrible living there. The kids can barely go to sleep knowing that in the morning that they could possibly be kidnapped and taken to the army. They ubduct more than 30,000 children to take too war. The boys are used to urn down the villages and kill neighbors. The girls are usually raped or sexualy harrased and become slaves or "wives". Even if you follow what they tell you to do sometimes they will kill you anyway. When children are taken away they lack food and water and someone to comfort then. The kids try to flee but there are majoir consiquenses if they do.

Amount of child soldiers.........?

there are a ton of child soldiers fighting in the war. That is just not right if i had a say it is plain cruel! There is a large amount in sierra leon as well as worldwide. In only sierra leon there is 10,000 child soldiers. Now thats alot! Now worldwide there is 300,000 holy cow!And Another 500,000 are in paramilitary groups. About 30% of armed groups use children.
MY O MY!!!!!!!! now we should be grateful for what we have.

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